General Terms and Conditions for Retail Purchase via


I. Order and Conclusion of Purchase Agreement

1.Order orders placed through the online store are binding. An electronic order is valid if all mandatory data and particulars stated in the order form are filled in.

2. By placing an order (filling in and sending the order form), the buyer confirms that he / she has read and agrees with these terms and conditions, the complaints procedure.

3.After sending your order, you will receive an email every time you change your status.

4.Order is a draft purchase contract. Formal confirmation of the order by the seller is not required to conclude the purchase contract. The contract is created by the actual delivery of goods.

5.Delivery of goods means acceptance of the goods by the buyer or notification of the buyer by the transport service of the deposit.

6. The seller is entitled in special cases (quantity of goods, purchase price, shipping costs, distance of delivery, etc.) to ask the buyer to confirm the order in an appropriate manner. If the Buyer fails to confirm the order in an appropriate manner, the order shall be deemed invalid.

II. Subject of the contract

1.The subject of the contract is the delivery of the goods expressly stated in the offer and subsequently in the buyer’s order.

2. Ownership of the purchased goods passes to the buyer only after payment of the purchase price, its acceptance.

III. Price and terms of payment

1.Retail prices of goods are marked for each item in the offer Prices are in the valid currency of the Slovak Republic. We are VAT payers.

2.Prices for goods are contractual prices. The seller reserves the right of printing errors.

3. The purchase price shall be deemed paid only by crediting the entire purchase price to the seller’s current account or paying cash on delivery.

4. The postage and transport charges will be added to the price of the goods in the amount stated in the order confirmation. In special cases the transport charge may be waived. If the goods are delivered to another country, postage and freight are charged according to the valid tariff of the transport service valid on the day of dispatch of the goods. The price of shipping abroad will be notified to you by email and your approval will be required.

5.Payment of the buyer for the goods shall be made: – in advance – to the seller’s account, the goods will be delivered to the buyer after the amount is credited to the seller’s account. – cash on delivery – delivery of goods is carried out by a transport service. – personal collection – takeover of goods from supplier The combination of payment and transport is not allowed, the total price is determined by the method of delivery of the goods. Prices for delivery of goods to another country / in another currency / will be converted at the exchange rate of the relevant currency (purchase of foreign currencies) according to the exchange rate list of Slovenská Sporiteľna a.s.

6.The advance payment can be determined by the seller: – in the case of a buyer who is expected not to receive cash on delivery – when purchasing goods worth more than € 200 – when ordering and delivering goods to another state.

IV. Delivery and takeover of goods

1. The ordered goods will be sent cash on delivery and transported through the Slovak shipping company.

2.The place of delivery of the goods is the address given by the buyer in the order form. The shipment of goods will contain a tax document.

3. The ordered goods will be sent to the buyer within 10 days of receipt of the order or payment of the purchase amount to the seller’s account if the goods are in stock. If the seller has an obstacle to the delivery of the goods, he informs the buyer.

4. If the ordered goods are not accepted, a contractual penalty of 10% of the price of the ordered goods will be enforced.

V. Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement

1. The withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement by the Buyer is possible within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

2. The withdrawal shall be in writing, indicating the order number, the code and name of the product returned, the account number or the refund address. At the same time, proof of purchase and proof of receipt must be provided.

3. Goods returned for withdrawal shall be sent to the address of the seller on the date of withdrawal and under the following conditions: (a) the goods must be in appropriate packaging and complete (b) the goods must not be used and must not be damaged. c) the goods must be sent by the shipping company at its own expense and at the risk of the buyer (not cash on delivery – the seller will not accept such a consignment).

4. After all the above conditions are met, the money for the goods will be sent to the buyer’s designated account respectively. address within 15 days of withdrawal.

5. In the event of failure to comply with any of the above conditions, the seller will not accept the withdrawal from the contract and the goods will be returned at the buyer’s expense.

VI. Obligations of the seller

We undertake to deliver to our clients:
1. The type and quantity of goods at the purchase price and payment terms in effect on the date of delivery of the order.
2. Goods which comply with the standards, regulations and orders in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic.
3. Goods packed properly to avoid injury during transport.

We take no responsibility:

1. Late delivery of goods due to the delivery service.
2. Delay in delivery due to incorrect address of the consignee.
3. Damage to the shipment by the shipment service.
4.Possible failure to supply goods caused by any restriction or termination of distribution rights or other unforeseeable obstacles to the manufacturer (supplier).
5.Selection of goods by customers. If, after receiving the shipment, the customer discovers that the goods already have ideas or do not match them. Such goods shall not be considered as having a legitimate claim.

VII. Obligations of the Buyer

The Buyer undertakes:
1. Take over the goods ordered, check the integrity of the packages and notify us immediately of any defects.
2.Pay the purchase price of the goods in the amount applicable on the day you place your order and according to the payment terms.
3. If the buyer does not receive the goods (on the basis of the order), the seller reserves the right to claim compensation. In the event that the customer does not receive the goods at the time of first delivery and requests the re-delivery of the goods, he shall pay the cost of the first and re-delivery of the goods.
4. When replacing goods, the buyer pays the postage for the return of the goods and the postage for the delivery of the replaced goods.

VIII. Privacy Policy

1. By completing and sending the order form, the buyer consents to the collection and registration of personal information about the buyer and purchases. The Buyer has the right to withdraw this consent in writing.
2.The Seller shall be entitled to use and record data derived from business relationships with Buyer.

IX. product Warranty

1.If a defect is found in the purchased goods that is not due to the improper use of the purchased goods, improper or improper care of the goods, the buyer is entitled to claim them within the statutory warranty period.
2. The customer submits a written complaint about the attached complaint protocol to the customer for failure, malfunction, etc. Including a description of it and an enclosed copy of the proof of purchase.
3. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the goods.

X. Final Provisions

1.The disputed relations between the seller and the buyer and these Terms shall be governed by the law of the Slovak Republic.
2. Disputes between the parties and out of court shall be settled by the competent local court of the Slovak Republic.
(3) These “General Terms and Conditions” will take effect on November 1, 2019.
4. The Seller reserves the right to change these “Terms and Conditions”.